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Delivery terms


Products and pricing

Product price is available at product pages. All prices includes Finnish VAT. Price and VAT are shown separate in shopping basket and order confirmation.

Payment options

Private customers can pay orders with credit card or bank transfer. Business customers can also ask for invoicing.

Delivery pricing

Package and delivery expenses depends on chosen delivery type. Price will be added automatically for total sum.


We send your order as soon as possible in normal situation latest next day. If product is out of stock we will inform you immeadetely.

Return policy

Products may be returned for credit or refund within 14 days from date of purchase if received in resalable condition-packed in original manufacturer's box, complete with instructions and all components (if applicable).

Damaged product

If deliveried product is damaged, you could do report for damage and send product back to us. You should also inform us, do you want new product or your money back. In the later case you should also inform us your bank account for refund.

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